Athletic College Scholarship

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Track the Field to Athletic Scholarship

Many of the youth today are gifted with aptitudes in sports. Some excel in gymnastics, swimming, archery, while the others excel in football, golf, martial arts, track and field events, and the list goes on.

Nowadays, the youths agility to fulfill their passions comes with a bonus—athletic scholarship.

Athletic scholarships are specially designed for the students who excel in sports provided they will be able to acquire a good grade which is appropriate to the required scores of the organization who funded the scholarship. And of course, the talent that goes with the discipline a devoted sports person desires.

If you are one of these sports person who want to acquire the said scholarship, your initial step is to look for the college institutions or universities which present the academic program that suits to your interests.

However, you still have to note that educating yourself even thoughplaying sports. As you join a division, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of attending either in smaller colleges or large institutions.

You may find yourself standing out though in a smaller college. You may also join in large institutions, but chances are you might find yourself just as an alternative to a lot of other athletes.

You must be aware that the sports played during college are not like playing in your school or in your local community. Before engaging here, you can consult first your trainer/coach if you’re “good enough” to qualify for college sports already.

The level of play is very much different and so much competition has sent what was dubbed as great players in their community to mediocrity in this level.

There are two ways in presenting the athletic scholarship. First is through official applications. And the following is the scout’s recommendations who represents the colleges and who travels to assess players in various sports, looking for the players that possess star qualities.

If you aim to succeed, aim to excel in your sophomore year. Maintain high grades to meet the academic requirements. It is also advisable that you compile your accomplishments for being an athlete. Consult to your coach whether which sports you will be best fitted according to your abilities.

Also, be keen in selecting the school which offers an immense balance between sports and academics. Talk to a career guidance counselor; this may help you in choosing the subjects you can study so you can qualify not just in sports alone. Establish contacts among the coaches of the college where you are applying, in addition, and let them know that yoo are dedicated and eager to know more about their curriculum.

Most of all, show your best advantages like showcasing both academic and athletic accomplisments. Then cite that you are looking for a scholarship. It will also be an advantage if you would initiate in submitting the applications to the college where the coach you wanted to contact works, this will emphasize your enthusiasm on the program.

With all the colleges and universities that offer athletic scholarships for great athletes, your college education will never be too straining to your parent’s purse anymore. Instead, they will feel glorified of having a kid who can excel not just in sports alone, but also in academics.

Now, as you go on to your application, remember that handling the application sensibly matched with discipline are the best recipes to ensure full scholarship in college.

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Petersons Sports Scholarship and College Athletic Program: Getting your Way towards becoming a College-Bound Student Athlete

Supposedly you are a high school athlete who want to continue his sports career and has high hopes in entering the varsity when you go to college. You are confident enough that you will be able to attract the attention of college varsity coaches who might offer you some scholarship money that will help you a lot with regards to your college studies. You are aware that studying in college is expensive, and your parents may not afford it. Thus, you are using your talent as your capital in getting into any college sports scholarship program and at the same time continue your passion—being an athlete.

Thus, you need to start some research so that you will be able to arrive with a college sports scholarship program. But where will you start? Getting a college sport scholarship is probably a new thing to you, and definitely you will start from scratch, constantly wondering where to beginyour researching tasks.

How about getting the famous Peterson’s guidebook about getting a college sports scholarship? Instead of spending long hours in front of your personal computer and yet ending up with nothing, you may consider reading this guidebook and learn how to grab the best college sports scholarship that will match your college needs.

Published in August of 2004, this Peterson’s guidebook complete title is Peterson’s Sports Scholarship and College Athletic Programs, which is an “all-inclusive, college-by-college look at different college sports scholarships, intercollegiate athletic programs, and other financial information that is intended for high school athletes who want to continue playing at intercollegiate level and at the same time having the financial difficulty of getting to college”.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

It scans different college sports scholarships available in the United States. The guidebook’s content reveals the detail of various athletic programs from over 1,700 two- and four-year schools, including their respective national association and conference affiliations. From this guidebook, you will also get the names and contact numbers of college team coaches, descriptions of sports facilities, and graduation rates for student-athletes. In addition, it also lists around 30 types of sports games (everything from basketball to wrestling), both for men and women as well as their cross references from other schools offering those sports. Thus, you will be able to check if your sport is among the ones that offers college sports scholarship.

Here is the summary of the contents of Peterson’s Sport Scholarship and College Athletic Programs:

• The Recruiting Process, which tackles finding your perfect fit with regards to college athletics, and other recruitment-related issues.
• Coach’s Forum, which includes views of head coaches of different sports in various colleges and universities across the United States.
• The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Guide for College-Bound Student Athlete, which tackles the eligibility-requirements of student athlete to different college sports scholarships as well as NCAA initial-eligibility clearinghouse.
• The alphabetical listings of various college athletic programs.
• Indexes, which include geographic listings of various college athletic programs, which is also sorted according to the sport and division where it belongs.

Through the Peterson’s Sport Scholarship and College Athletic Programs Guidebook, you will be able to reach your dream of becoming a college-bound student athlete while at the same time getting your college degree. It is the best gift that you can give to yourself, so do not ever miss the opportunity to do so.

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